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5月2日に開催予定の「hide The 23rd Memorial hide Memorial Day 2020」 につきまして、






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An important update regarding the event, “hide Memorial Day 2020”

There are continuing concerns about the health and safety of the fans due to the effects of COVID-19.

Regarding the event, “hide The 23rd Memorial hide Memorial Day 2020,” which is scheduled to be held on May 2nd, following a quarantine and social distancing briefing on the spread of COVID-19 held by the Japan government as well as the Tokyo metropolitan area government on March 25th and 26th, the organizers and management of the May 2nd event have also been holding their own discussions.

The preparations for hide’s 23rd anniversary began several years ago, so we very much look forward to holding the event as planned. However, we hold the health and safety of the fans as our top priority and we are currently discussing and meeting with people in various fields of expertise about what we should do about the situation.

At this moment in time, the Tokyo Metropolitan area government plans to make an announcement on April 12th. We will inform you of our current stance on the situation the following day, April 13th, on the hide official site.

We understand this may cause some concern to those who are patiently waiting and looking forward to this year’s event. A final decision will be made before the date of the event, so we ask you all for a bit more of your patience and understanding.

We continue to wish you all the best for your safety, health, well-being, and we hope those who have unfortunately become infected with COVID-19 will recover as soon as possible.

March 26th 2020

Head Wax Organization Inc.
Hide The 23rd Memorial hide Memorial Day 2020
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